Create our next S.P.O.T.M.

We want YOU to create our next Specialty Pizza of the Month!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out the form by clicking the button below. You have until September 15th. It can’t be a S.P.O.T.M. we have already done or do regularly or any of our regular menu specialty pizzas. (Some of our past SPOTMs include: Crab Rangoon, Taco, Twisted Hawaiian, Hot Hattan, Chicken Alfredo, and Reuben)

  2. We will review all of the submissions and narrow them down to what is feasible for us to do on a large scale in the restaurant.

  3. We will make and test those pizzas (and let you know our thoughts)! And we’ll ask your opinion on what sounds good to you!

  4. The winning pizza will be our SPOTM for November, and it might even become a regular SPOTM we use!